Nude Nation Nutrition has one clear mission:


N3 is personalized nutrition coaching helping clients understand and build healthy relationships relating to their eating habits and personal goals.

Take hold of your nutrition.

Nude Nation was founded with the hopes of inspiring and teaching Clients how to take their nutrition choices, habits, and goals into their own hands through education, technical and emotional support, and consistent effort.

It’s not a diet.

I started my health and fitness journey with Nude Nation last July and, not only have I lost 70 pounds, but I am so much better educated on how to fuel my body and live a healthier lifestyle!

Set goals, crush goals.

I looked at myself and realized my 40th birthday was coming and I didn’t want to start my 40s this way. I gave myself a goal to get myself back into shape before then. With the help of Nude Nation I lost over 35lbs, over 15 inches in chest, hips and stomach over a 3 month period.

I feel better than I did when I was 25 and am no longer afraid of what being 40 means.

Goals know no age.

There are 6 years and 180# lost between these two pictures. No fasting, no crash diets, no meal plans, just consistency and trusting in a balanced, healthy way of eating.

These are Coach Chelsea’s parents. Her mom use to hide behind to “hide half of herself,” but now she’s front and center. They have done this together and laugh about how they eat bacon and lose weight.

Whether you’re 26 or 62 it’s possible for you to make a change for yourself. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

We are Nude Nation.

We are in control of our next move, and each time we do a little better we get a little closer to our goal. From coast-to-coast, we’re a group of like-minded people understand you can have your cake, and your nutrition goals too.


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