We wrote a book.

What started out as just a normal Client/Coach relationship turned into pages of stories, lessons learned, failures, and growth.

We didn’t set out to write a book, but what we hope is that someone reads it, and starts to write theirs.

Fat To Fit - Is it Really About the Weight?

At 40, Molly LaRue was a busy wife, mother of two active, busy boys and a dedicated pharmacist. You'd think she had it all-but inside, she was miserable. Caught up in the needs of her family and immersed in her career, she'd stopped taking care of herself. When she found herself unable to stand up without help while on vacation, though, Molly knew it was time for a change. In Fat to Fit, you'll learn how Molly

  • began her CrossFit journey to a strong, healthy body

  • started her journey with a nutrition coach

  • learned to eat for nutrition and fitness, not emotion

  • changed her mindset to embrace life's positives

  • influenced her children's attitudes to food for the better

  • learned to love herself-and care for herself-again

In the process, you'll find tips and strategies for taking control of your own diet and fitness, but most importantly you'll see how an optimal mindset can help Molly-and you-reach your goals.

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Print or E-book - What’s your style?

BOOM Challenge


Are you hesitant to start, hesitant to change what you currently doing that may not be working for you but can’t figure out why? If you answered yes then we've GOT YOU!

Details: This challenge is building our optimal mindset with nutrition. It’s looking at behaviors and habits with nutrition, and setting you up for success with keys like: the power of planning, aiming low, tallying up their wins, and more!

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